Biodiversity Management & Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Vulnerability of Alberta Species

We have evaluated the vulnerability to climate change of more than 170 of Alberta’s native species.

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Vulnerability is assessed on the basis of exposure – the amount of climate change a species is likely to experience in Alberta, and sensitivity to that change – based on natural history and life history traits of the species. Vulnerability scores range from -9 (least vulnerable) to +15 (most vulnerable).

Species are grouped into relative vulnerability categories: Lower Vulnerability (least vulnerable 25% of species assessed), Medial Vulnerability, and Higher Vulnerability (most vulnerable 25%).

Refer to the companion report for more information on how the assessments were conducted.

LUF Region: Alberta’s Land Use Framework Regions

S-Rank: NatureServe conservation status for Alberta

General Status: Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development assessment of general status from the 2010 General Status of Alberta Wild Species

This project was funded by the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation